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Implantación de Cubiertas Flotantes

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High evaporation rates in some regions along with the cost of water for irrigation make floating covers a great investment to reduce water loss by evaporation.


FLOATEC® floating covers provide the following benefits:

  • Stops water loss by evaporation.
  • Reduce the concentration of salts in the water thus improving crop growth.
  • Prevents plugging of filters by dust and suspended solids and algae growth.
  • Reduces energy consumption used in the subsequent processes of water filtration.
  • Allows installation of flexible photovoltaic blankets for the production of electricity.
  • Reduces ageing and maintenance costs of the lagoon waterproof base.


  • High tensile strength, tear and puncture.
  • High impact resistance at low temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and environmental chemical agents.
  • Outstanding resistance to UV, ozone and oxidation.
  • Low water vapor permeability and absorption of water.
  • High resistance to bacterial degradation.
  • It is certified to be in contact with Drinking water following ANSI/NSF-61 standard.
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